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Application for Participation

Membership Overview

The Ministers' Retirement Plan (MRP) is a 403(b) retirement plan approved by the Internal Revenue Service for employees of churches and church organizations associated with the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee.


If you are enrolling in the Ministers' Retirement plan for the first time:

  • You can enroll in both the Traditional and Roth 403(b) plan simultaneously or in a single plan, but a participant only gets one contribution limit to spread across both types of accounts.

  • To see immediate tax savings, the traditional, before-tax account may be your best option


After enrolling:

  • Distributions from your retirement plan are available to you as early as age 59½ (see IRS Publication 571)

  • The maximum contributions allowed collectively to both type of accounts is 100% of taxable ministerial income or $58,000 (2021), whichever is less. 

    • For those over 50, there is a special "catch-up" provisions described in our Maximum Contribution Worksheet. 

If you are already enrolled in the traditional plan:

  • You must complete an application to create a designated Roth 403(b) after-tax account

  • After you have created a designated Roth 403(b) account, you will be able to change the investment allocation of your traditional account and the Roth account separately.

Steps to Join:

Click on white buttons to begin.


Mail in a signed confirmation form as required for each plan that was selected. The confirmation is the legal designation of beneficiaries and share percentages. This form must be completed, signed and received by our office to complete the process.

Start the process by completing the online portion of the application.

3. Receive Email

After receiving all forms we will process the information and establish your account(s).  A confirmation of account setup email will be sent with your new member and account numbers. At this point you can proceed with the remaining steps to begin 403(b) contributions.

To participate in the Retirement Plan you must print out, sign, and maintain a Salary Reduction Agreement. This form remains with the employer (with a copy for the employee) and is not returned to the Benefits Board.

Use the worksheet to determine the allowable contribution types and amounts.  This will prepare you for the final step of establishing salary reduction and other contributions with your employer.

Plan Contribution Types
Plan Contribution Types
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