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Financial Planning Videos - Lilly Initiative

The Debt Trap - Dr. Bill Jaber
Tips on how to get out of debt and keep your finances under control.

Money & the Family - Bishop Clayton Watson
How to build a harmonious atmosphere around money that brings unity and eliminates the pressures of financial conflict.

Saving & Investing for the Future - Bishop Clayton Watson & Art Rhodes
Information on the different types of saving plans and how important retirement planning is for your future.

Budgeting & Financial Management - Bishop Clayton Watson & Dr. Bill Jaber
How to be good stewards of your resources and develop a budget you can stick with.

Heading Off a Financial Crisis - Art Rhodes
Gudiance on how to create a simple, measurable and realistic spending plan to head off a financial crisis.

Cultivating Generosity - Pastor John Morgan
Simple and practical ideas on how to cultivate generosity within the Church and challenge others to live a generous life.

Ministerial Tax Issues - Art Rhodes
Basic principles on tax issues that impact you as a Minister and how you should prepare for those as you carry out your daily duties in ministry.

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