Church Manuals

Tax Information Manual

Revised for 2020

Just in time for tax season, the Tax Information Manual will help guide you through the maze of filing taxes for the minister. Straightforward, with plenty of real questions and answers from people just like you for people just like you!

Church Budgeting Manual

Revised for 2020

The Church Budgeting Manual seeks to break down the church budgeting process into steps that can be followed by any congregation, regardless of size. No secret recipe will be provided that makes the process easy. However, simplistic steps will be discussed so that the decision makers in the local congregation can assemble a budget or annual spending plan that meets the needs of that church.

Church Financing & Construction Manual

Revised for 2020

The purpose of this manual is to provide general guidance to churches and local congregations as they seek financing to look beyond the surface issues to consider, and hopefully address, underlying issues as well as addresses the construction of new facilities and the potential problems involving expansion projects.

Church Treasurer's Manual

Revised for 2020

The Treasurer tracks the income and disbursements, monitors the financial health of the church, balances the checkbook, and ultimately writes the checks. This instructional guide is aid to Pastors and Treasurers in understanding their vital role in the local body. Basic guidance is given so that the treasurer can fulfill his or her responsibilities and comply with the directives provided in the Church of God Minutes.

Minister's Compensation Manual

Revised for 2020

This simple to read guide provides step-by-step directions to the church and the pastor on setting up a compensation package that meets the requirements of the General Assembly Minutes and the Internal Revenue Code.

Minister's Retirement Plan Summary

Revised for 2020

The same Plan Summary with a new, updated look will provide an easy to read explanation of all the benefits of participating in the Ministers' Retirement Plan. Information concerning contributions, withdrawals, disability, death of participants, as well as a variety of other issues, are addressed in the summary.

The Church as a Taxpayer Manual

Revised for 2020

While churches are “tax exempt,” that exemption applies in only a limited manner - and only applies in regards to certain tax liabilities. In other situations, churches are treated just like all other taxpayers and are subject to the same taxes as everyone else. The purpose of this manual is to give ministers and church officials the foundational material for understanding the applicable tax laws that apply to churches.

Church Loan Fund Policy Manual

Revised for 2020

The Church Loan Fund, Inc. makes loans to Church of God congregations across America. This policy manual details the process and requirements for obtaining a loan from the Church Loan Fund, Inc. All questions concerning the loan process should be answered within these few pages.

Church Reporting Made Easy

2020 Edition

Churches and nonproft organizations continue to be faced with a plethora of tax and finance developments. A summary of some of the more significant developments follow.

Ministers' Taxes Made Easy

2020 Edition

Clergy continue to be faced with a plethora of tax and finance developments. A summary of some of the more significant developments follow.

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